Why Use A Broker

At Home Fast Funding Inc our only job is finding you the best loan program available. As a broker we represent YOU the client not a bank or lender. Because we are independent and not tied to just one product line, it allows wholesale lender competition and CHOICE. Since we are unbiased we can search all lending sources and find the best possible rates and programs currently available.

Our skills go beyond shopping for the best available financing, we use our expertise to present your loan application in the best possible light in order to obtain optimal financing.

Comparing Home Fast Funding Inc 


  • Usually a depository in some fashion with other products and services.

  • Typically only one or very few lending source or limited options which may result in higher rates and fees due to operational costs/lack of comparison.

  • Loan Officers may not be required to take entry-level or continuing education.

  • Loan Officer represents the bank rather than the consumer.

Correspondent Lender

  • Usually only offers mortgage services, non-depository.

  • Focus on using lines of credit over brokering for margins, even if more favorable terms are available.  Rates and fees can be higher due to operational costs.

  • Not a “True Broker”

  • Loan Officers must take entry-level and continuing education and many have more experience than a bank.

  • Might use the controversial sales terms “mortgage banker” when in reality a “non-bank” or “direct lender” when actually an “in-direct” lender.

Mortgage Broker

  • Usually only offers mortgage services, non-depository.

  • Multiple wholesale lenders and programs – full brokerage only.

  • Works and shops exclusively for the consumer without priority to any lender or pass-through line of credit.

  • Loan Officers must take entry-level and continuing education.

  • Most advanced platform, requiring a high level of experience.

  • With controlled costs, we believe this is the most favorable channel for consumers on pricing and programs.